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Re: [linux-lvm] Re: [reiserfs-list] lvm-list pointed to reiserfs: fs/lvm-problems?


>  >> 
>  >> Sorry, but it looks for me like a lvm problem.  Can you test you LV by
>  >> coping some random data (~ 64 MB) to a file in reliable location and
>  >> to LV, and compare them (or md5 hashes) after reboot ?
>  PB> hmm, i haven't really tried another filesystem, maybe i should try ext2?
> Yes, try to run this script over ext2:
> http://namesys.com/stress.sh

i've done that, but it gave me some cruel errors - like an ext2 panic or
so (can't find anything about it in the logs)

anyway - the PC was frozen

after the reboot e2fsck showed me that:

Inode 1313467 has imagic flag set.  Clear<y>? yes

Inode 1313468 is in use, but has dtime set.  Fix<y>? yes

and - of course not only once :-( but hundred times

>  >> Same reason (damaged data), I think, prevented reiserfs volume from
>  >> mounting. 
>  PB> yes you're right - but why does it oops when i _only_ want to do an "ls
>  PB> -l"?
> I agree with you, such behaviour is not good, but I do not think
> that you want to run reiserfs on an unstable block device.

it's (mostly) only because of the fschk-times -- this is (or should be)
an 125GB directory tree for music

the next step i'll do ist to give the new kernel (2.4.5) a try (hmm,
eventually with ac4-patch - i've read that there are some
reiserfs-issues are solved ...)

thanks for your attention

:wq - until next mail B-), l8r

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   :          student of technical computer science           :
   :     university of applied sciences krefeld (germany)     :
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