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[linux-lvm] cannot vgchange -a y, OOPSen


It seems that I have the "snapshot full" problem.
I cannot activate the volume group, because rdev=65535.
I have already reported it from zsu linux co hu, but
I cannot see any trace of it in the archive. Now I have
subscribed to the list. So the problem is:
If I do vgscan, the kernel reports some times that
invalidate: busy buffer
Aside of that, vgscan runs ok.
If I do vgchange -a y, user space reports 
"Bad address" activating volume group
and kernel reports
_pv_get_number failed for rdev=65535

I am willing to do everything to get my data back.
Please help me.
I will send more details shortly, just have to reboot now,
because lvm-mod's usage count is -1, so cannot reload it,
and pvscan, pvdata and vgscan all causes OOPS.
The point is that I have a vg which is on more pv's. The first
pv is available (but full), the second is available. There is a
snapshot lv.

GNU GPL: csak tiszta forrásból

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