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[linux-lvm] badiane: Problem

I have created five volume groups (vg0 - vg4) to hold respectively /var,
/home, /home/music, /usr, /usr/local.

I started with a 500MB / partition then created the pv, vg and lv.  Now what
I wanted to know is how to have the system reboot and have the partitions
mounted properly since the lvm binary and library cannot be found properly.
The libraries are in /usr/lib/lvm and should be in /lib and the binary in
/sbin or /bin.

The install is from the debian binaries.  I can't compile on my system
without getting a seg fault (that's another story.)  So I'm thinking that I
would have to move the libraries to /lib and hope that the system will find
them upon boot and proceed without errors.

I would like to know the proper way to do this.

Oh!  I had mounted the lv's on temp mount points /var2/, /home2/ etc and
copied the original's data over and umounted so that upon remount they would
again be avail able.

Thanks in advance.


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