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Re: [linux-lvm] snapshot questions

On Nov 05, 2001  08:51 -0800, Kyle Hayes wrote:
> We can insure 1 with no problem.  2 seems to require either patches or
> new versions of various code.  I have not yet seen a full reply as to
> what patches are necessary for which kernels.

You need LVM-VFS patch on all kernels, you need ext3 or reiserfs or XFS
to get "real" VFS lock usage.  For non-journaled fs (like ext2) it just
syncs, and you mount the snapshot - it will complain that it is dirty,
but fsck will verify that there are no errors.

> I have seen that the AC kernels are being patched nearly up to the level
> of what is in CVS.  But, this is for 2.4.x.  What about 2.2.x?  Is 2.2.20
> going to have the latest LVM patches?

No, LVM was never part of 2.2, so you always need to patch.

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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