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[linux-lvm] Does LVM detect drive failures?


 I'm not on the mailing list so please reply to all. 
My question is does LVM detect drive failures?  I am
thinking about building two small logical volumes of 2
drives each then mirroring them using md.  I know md
will detect that the array contains a failed drive
under normal conditions, but I would think that in
this case an entire logical volume would have to fail
in order for it to be detected.  That is unless I can
watch my logs for LVM giving me an error like I do for
md errors.

 One other question... I'll search the md info if no
one knows this off the top...  does the md layer store
info about the size of the drive on the drive?  I'm
worried about adding more dives to a logical volume
which is a part of a md stripe.

Thanks for everyone's help,


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