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Re: [linux-lvm] questions

On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 02:14:52AM +0100, Wolfgang Weisselberg wrote:
> Hi, Magosanyi!
> Magosanyi Arpad (mag bunuel tii matav hu) wrote 14 lines:
> > What would you check on disk related to snapshots? 
> There shall be no snapshot of a snapshot.  (Yes, I have that
> right here on my disk.  Can't remove the snapshot-of-snapshot
> (segfault), can't remove the snapshot (under snapshot)).


with which LVM version do you have trouble removing snapshots?
Which compiler did you use to compile LVM? With or without optimization?

> Does the snapshot point to the correct device?  (Happened to
> me, too.  Usually after an (unrelated?) crash.  No idea how
> to check -- but all Devices Under Snapshot shall have at
> least 1 snapshot.)

Do you mean, that a snapshot didn't refer to the correct device after
a crash any longer?

> Does the persistent snapshot-map look like it could work on
> that device claims to be against? (bigger than the device
> in question?)


> Ability to turn persistent snapshots into non-persistent ones
> (cleaned up after reboot) -- so that rogue ones can be
> removed during a reboot.

Well, this wouldn't make a difference because just the copy on write
exception tables would be removed but the rest of the snapshots metadata
where still in place making it most likely still impossible to remove it
in case we have a real bug related here.

> -Wolfgang
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