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Re: [linux-lvm] Recovery of a damaged striped volume


presuming that just the first sectors have been wiped out, your option
is to run vgcfgrestore(8) on the wiped disk, the vgscan + "vgchange -ay".

See the vgcfgrestore(8) manual page for details, please.

Heinz    -- The LVM Guy --

On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 11:20:42PM +0100, Philipp wrote:
> Hello Folks!
> My system consists of two brand new IBM Deskstar HDs with 60 GB each,
> connected to a Promise Ultra100 card, the rest of the system doesn't matter
> so far ... these two discs are joined together in a striped volume group.
> I've got in some trouble: This week I wanted to reinstall the basic linux
> system. During this process I noticed some mysterious behaviour of one of
> the system discs, and so decided to check and clean that disc with the IBM
> 'Drive Fitness Test' program. But the darn thing ignored my choice and
> whiped out the first few sectors of one of the data discs.
> The question: is it possible to restore the striped volume? Or more
> detailed: if I simply repeat the same steps I did when I build up the volume
> (write partition table, create pv's and vg, ...) so that the data on the
> discs is left untouched, will my ReiserFS on that volume be able to restore
> itself? Or is all the data on the discs  when I initialize them as 'physical
> volume'?
> Many thanks in advance, and please someone help me out of that ... because
> I've got no backups so far :-(
> Greetings >>>> Philipp
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