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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM and HD-crash


you need to replace the failed drive, set up the same partition table
you had on the gone one and vgcfgrestore(8) LVMs metadata to it.
See the manual page of vgcfgrestore for details.
vgscan + "vgchange -ay" should then bring your VG back to life.

Getting data back makes only sense, if you've got LVs, which *don't* have any
extents allocated on the gone drive. Otherwise your filesystem
stored in there will complain loudly cause of missing data and metadata.

If you need more redundancy, please think of soft/hard RAID.

Heinz    -- The LVM Guy --

On Thu, Nov 08, 2001 at 03:20:38PM +0100, mnospers web de wrote:
> Hi
> I've a little question... I know, it could be answered in the past,
> but I didn't found it :( 
> What about Crashes of Harddisks in a LVM ?
> I have 3 HDs in it, and one seemes to be crashed.
> All the 3 where together in one big LV.
> Is there any possibilitie to get some of the data back ?
> I mean, the data of the 2 working HDs ? 
> Or doI have to accept, that all data on the 3 disks is lost?
> thx
> Markus
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