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[linux-lvm] Mirroring using LVM for root, boot, and swap too

Hi All,

I just joined this mailing list, because I couldn´t find the solution for my

I want to establish a RAID-1 mirroring solution by using LVM. I want to
mirror the whole content of my SCSI disks, like root, boot, and swap. 

I installed Suse Linux 6.4 using 3 partition and then I followed the
instruction written in Chapter 19(converting root filesystem to LVM) of the
manual which I found on the internet.


I managed to complete until point 11. However, when I rebooted the system I
got this error message:

Kernel panic.....
VFS: Cannot open root device 3a:01
Unable to mount root fs on 3a:01

I don´t know where I made the mistake!!!

My questions:

1., Has anyone followed this instruction and finished succesfully?
2., Maybe I am  on the wrong way, so could you recommend another solution
for the above mentioned issue?

Thank you in advance.

Ferenc Csuk

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