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[linux-lvm] More LVM on RAID issues

Dear All,

Could someone tell me why I don´t receive the mails from the mailing list?
Did I subsscribe wrongly? I just checked the internet and saw the answers
for my questions.

Anyway, I couldn´t complete the setup for LVM on top of RAID1. Though,
suddenly pvcreate statement worked after deleting the volume groups, and the
partitions, but now it creates physical volumes with wrong size. For example
there is a partition with 16GB(/dev/md0), but pvcreate use only 50M. 

Just to make the configuration clear we have 4 drives(sda, sdb, sdc, sdd)
and we created primary partitions on sda for boot(50M), root(200M), and
swap(700M), and another one for the rest(tmp, opt, var home 16GB). 

Then we created 4 RAID1 device on sdb to be mirrored on sdc using exactly
the same size as I wrote above. We followed the instruction of Software RAID
HowTO(raidtab file, and mkraid). 

The problem came when we created the physical volumes on top of the RAID
devices as I mentioned already.

Where did we do make a mistate?

Actually, our final aim is to establish a mirrored system. Originally we
also wanted to move root, and boot into the mirror but we had so many
difficulties that we gave that idea. However, we would like to complete the
LVM on RAID1 installation somehow, please help.


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