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[linux-lvm] LVM on RAID-Multipath issues

Hi all,
I have got another problem with LVM and the SoftRAID-package. I use the multipath option. And after some work it is running without LVM. But now I want to create a logical volume on a md-device say /dev/md0. Whenever I load the FC/SCSI-HBA driver it detects to SCSI-devices which are the same and that's what I want. I also finally succeeded on creating a physical volume on the md-device. But when I then call vgscan it dumps with a segfault. And it always dumps when I have to paths to the same device and two devicefiles to the same physical hdd (say /dev/sda and /dev/sdb).
Is that OK?
And is there a possibility to get this configuration going??
Any help would be appreciated.
I attached the debug-output of vgscan -d, if anybody is interested... :-)


Marc Grimme

ATIX - Gesellschaft für Informationstechnologie und Consulting mbH
Einsteinstrasse 10
D-85716 Unterschleissheim
Tel.: +49-89 31 78 7 42 4
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