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RE: [linux-lvm] Initrd, usefull ?


When you compile the kernel, the best thing is to compile scis drivers in
the kernel, After that use lvmcreate_initrd to create the initial ramdisk
file. BUT you probably have to change the ramdisk size. This can be done by
changing the lvmcreate_initrd script. There is an option INITRDSIZE. A value
of 8192 should be sufficient.


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> Van: linux-lvm-admin sistina com
> [mailto:linux-lvm-admin sistina com]Namens Georges Giralt
> Verzonden: woensdag 14 november 2001 17:10
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> Onderwerp: [linux-lvm] Initrd, usefull ?
> Hello !
> I plan to convert my Redhat 7.1 (ugraded from RH 4.2 through all versions
> in between....) to a root LVM.
> I've got the latest LVM code, patched my 2.4.5 kernel, compiled without
> optimization to make lvcreate run ;-)
> And wonder if I _really_ need an initrd, if I put the LVM code
> straight into the
> kernel.
> I'm of course aware that I need a modified Lilo able to
> understant the LVM meta
> data, in order to find the kernel. But once this is done, what
> will the initrd
> be used for ?
> Any information, hints, tips would be greatly appreciated !
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