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Re: [linux-lvm] [Q]XFS + LVM Snapshot?

On Nov 18, 2001  02:59 +0900, Sean Oh wrote:
> Kernel: 2.4.15-pre4 with XFS patch ( linux-2.4-xfs CVS tree from SGI site)
> LVM: current - LVM CVS
> Patches applied: linux-2.4.11-VFS-lock.patch from LVM CVS
> *I can not mount the original FS and snapshot FS at the same time. If
> I unmount the origianal XFS FS and then mount the snapshot FS, it works,
> tough.

Yes, you need an XFS patch which does something with the filesystem UUID
in the snapshot.  XFS has a feature which prevents the same filesystem
from being mounted more than once.

What they do to fix this is to create writable snapshots.  What I would
rather they do is in the "duplicate UUID detection" code, allow mounting
of devices which are on read-only media (e.g. a snapshot).

Cheers, Andreas
Andreas Dilger

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