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[linux-lvm] 3Ware [OT] (was: Logical Volume max-size?)

On Mon, 19 Nov 2001, Goetz Bock wrote:
> I figured this out the hard way. I asked some 3ware person whether I
> could use a 6800 as a RAID5 controller and was told, that it would work
> fine.

  Did you try going back and complaining that it did not work as advertised?

  I ask because we have had success with their 6200 series as a mirrored
drive controller, and have found 3Ware to be reasonably responsive.  We have
not had the opportunity to try their RAID5 offerings yet, and your comments
certainly do not inspire confidence.  I am wondering if it is an issue that
can be corrected by, e.g., a firmware update, or if it is just a design flaw
in the cards.

Ben Scott <bscott ntisys com>
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