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[linux-lvm] ext2 label support for LVM in mount and e2fsck

LVM list,

I just got RH 7.2. I downloaded all the stuff to make LVM work correctly on it. I was unpleasently surprised to find that ext2 filesystem labels don't work correctly. That is, you can say this in the fstab:

LABEL=/usr /usr ext2 defaults 1 1

If the label is on any partition listed in /proc/partitions, however it doesn't work if the label is on a logical volume.

Well I had the source, and I had a problem. Here is a link to the patches to mount and e2fsck to make them go. I have sent them into the respective maintainers, the mount maintainer happily took one, I haven't heard from the e2fsck maintainer yet. So hopefully they should be in a future version. Thought possibly somebody else out there might appreciate them.

Disclaimer: these were only tested on one machine with one LVM setup. If you screw up your mount or fsck utilities you will need a boot/rescue disk handy. Patched againsted RH 7.2 source, but should work fine against stock source.

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