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[linux-lvm] Re: Here we go again: vgscan doesn't see my volume groups.

> This is a different problem than what I encountered earlier, which
> appeared to be a problem with software RAID devices that went away
> when
> I upgraded to the latest code from CVS.  I'm now using whatever was
> in
> CVS as of Monday Nov. 19.

I've upgraded the userspace tools to today's CVS code.  There's not
much I can do with the kernel until *after* I'm able to access the
volume group again.

There doesn't appear to be any chance in behavior with the updated

Is there any way for me to determine *why* the lvm tools won't assemble
this volume group?  Vgscan isn't giving me any errors, and the debug
output, while copious, doesn't really help me much.


-- Lars

lars larsshack org

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