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[linux-lvm] LVM limit on PE's/size?

Hi all...

I hope I'm not asking a too pettty of a question for this list!

We are planning to add a 3 rd EXP300 array to out current server w/ 2 EXP300's in place already!
We WILL surpass the 1 TB size, if possible?

A little history:

Linux ptb3 2.2.19 #2 SMP Tue Jul 24 11:53:29 CDT 2001 i686 unknown

I have two IBM EXP300 RAID arrays connected to a Netfinity 4500R running Redhat Linux 6.2.
LVM compiled into kernel AFAIK...w/ patch?

We are using:

Here is the current filesystem and size:

/dev/exp300_2/exp300_lv2 924160464 891307744  32852720      97% /files1

Just wondering about this faq:

                               Why are my logical volumes limited to 256 GB in size?
                               This is NO absolute limit but it depends on the physical extent size you configured at volume group
                               creation time.

                               Please use option -s of the vgcreate command to give a larger physical extent size. For example with a
                               physical extent size of 524288 KB (512 MB) you are able to map a logical volume of 32 Terabyte.
                               Remember that current Linux kernels are limited to 1 Terabyte.

***Especially about the part in bold!

Please let me know if you need more details,  I will supply asap!



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