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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm-1.0.1 not working with DAC960/2.2.20

>>>>> "Adrian" == Adrian Phillips <a phillips dnmi no> writes:

    Andreas> I just checked in a fix, which cleans up this code a bit
    Andreas> and makes it impossible to get wrong in the future.

    Adrian> It would be useful if people could post patches to this
    Adrian> list so that individual changes could be tested by
    Adrian> individuals on this list without checking out the whole
    Adrian> CVS which may include other patches which may possibly
    Adrian> break things.

Okay, forget this. I checked the web page and saw the CVS commit
mailing list which should give enough information to see which files
have changed.

Sorry about that.

Another question. I see from the commit list that various changes have
been made but doing an cvs update doesn't get me the latest changes :-

adilger     2001/11/27 11:41:24 CST

This is Andreas changes. Wiping the whole lot and checking out again
still doesn't give me the latest changes.

- Is this because changes are added to a tagged version ?
- or changes are made to a developers CVS and synced to the anonymous
  CVS ?


Adrian Phillips

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