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Re: [linux-lvm] Automatic snapshot system?

>>>>> "p" == petro  <petro auctionwatch com> writes:

p> We have a home-brewed perl script called from cron that does a
p> snap, rsync's out the data, then releases the snapshot.

Interesting, but not quite what I'm trying to do.  Essentially I'd
like to use snapshots as a sort of quick online backup to guard
against users nuking their files.  Of course we do backups nightly,
but restoring from a snapshot is much quicker than messing with tapes.

So, depending on how snapshots actually work and the performance
penalty they incur and various other bits, I was thinking of doing a
daily or twice-daily snapshot, keeping them around for a few days,
then deleting them.  But that entails having around 100 snapshots
sitting around, and I don't know if there are performance problems
with doing that.

 - J<

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