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RE: [linux-lvm] Mandrake 8.1 and LVM

> From: linux-lvm-admin sistina com [mailto:linux-lvm-admin sistina com]On
> Behalf Of Chad C. Walstrom
> On Thu, Nov 29, 2001 at 07:09:20PM -0500, Theo Van Dinter wrote:
> > My rule of thumb for disk layout on a server is:
> > 	/boot	- Small, usually 32-128MB, don't run out of space here.
> Good.
> > 	/	- I put /usr in here since there's no reason not to any
> > 		  longer.  So this will be any size you think is
> > 		  appropriate.	I will usually put anywhere from 4-8GB
> > 		  here, depending on disk size.  These files should be
> > 		  static-ish, no major changed here.  Don't let it hit 100%.
> Reason #1:  Mount /usr as read-only.  There is only one reason why you

ONLY if you also have /usr/share (for one, there may be others) on writeable

> That being said, I suppose there's not a whole lot holding you back from
> mounting "/" as read-only, either.  Perhaps /etc/mtab would be an
> annoyance, but if you symbolically link it to /proc/mounts, you could
> fake it.

surely theres more than that in /etc that needs to be writeable?
hmmmm doesn't /lib/modules/<something to do with module dependencise>
need to be writeable too?

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