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Re: [linux-lvm] lvcreate segfault in vg_setup_pointers_for_snapshots

Actually no, you _should_ be able to use different kernel and tools together _provided_ that the IOP version is the same. Conversely, no changes should be made to the tools which break the IOP verion (either by forcing it to change under 2.4 kernels if it is not needed, or by changing the data structures and NOT updating the IOP version).

so i'm wrong

in the case with 0.9.1beta7,
i didn't know that it is possible to use any lvm code prior lvm-1.0.1rc1
( the min -max changes in linus's 2.4.9 -- the reason for lvm-1.0.1rc1)
and thats making me to think that you didn't patch the kernel,
the plain kernel comes with lvm-0.9.1beta2
so see again the begining

The min/max issues are easily fixed (and have been reverted in 2.4.10). Also, the tool version and kernel version SHOULD NOT need to match exactly (that's what IOP is for).

i ment he could not patch cleanly vanila 2.4.9 with lvm-0.9.1beta7, and he is using beta7 tools with beta2 kernel code

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