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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm 1.0 and kernel 2.2.19.Is rawio patch necessary ??

Jesus Manuel NAVARRO LOPEZ wrote:

> Well, I'm in same position than you, but having problems.
> I also asked about the necesity of raw-io patches (specifically for
> 2.2.19) but till the moment no answer.

This concerns me if it's so important to patch with someone ought to
I'm not keen on rolling this setup into production if I don't know the
consequences of not having a rawio patch applied (if any).

> Well, I patched kernel with raw-io for 2.2.18, and then with the lvm
> patch provided by ./configure then make at PATCHES, but my kernel didn't
> compile (well, the kernel did, but the make modules failed).

I think I'll try the 2.2.18 patch as well..Will let you all know if it
turned out ok or not..

> So, from your experience I'm going to try to compile *without* the
> raw-io patch and see what happens.  Anyway, since I know that at least
> your compilation was ended with success, would you be kind enough to
> e-mail me your configuration file (/usr/src/linux/.config) to look for
> differencies?

You've got mail :-)

> And, if you know about the reason or necesity (or lack of) the raw-io
> patch stuff, please post it to the list, so others like will know.

So far I haven't found out..If someone could enlighten us ,please ??

best regards


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