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Re: [linux-lvm] What have I done!?

-- Andreas Dilger <adilger turbolabs com>

Is there a way that I can blow the whole thing away and start over?  I
think I've screwed things up too badly to try to resurrect them.  I'd
really like to blow it all away and start over and see if this stuff
happens again, but again I can't use the lv* tools to remove the
configurations because of the errors I mention in my initial post so I
need a manual way to blow away the entire LVM configuration and start
from scratch again.

"pvcreate -ff" I think

If you really want to wipe things clean:

   (1) vgexport /dev/vgname; # avoids collisions w/ stale config info.
   (2) for disk in your disks here; do pvcreate -ff $disk; done;

The export isn't strictly necessar:  rm -rf and a vgscan should do the
same basic thing with a few nastygrams added in.  Personally, I get
enough nastygrams to prefer avoiding a few more :-)

-- Steven Lembark 2930 W. Palmer Workhorse Computing Chicago, IL 60647 +1 800 762 1582

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