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Re: [linux-lvm] kernel 2.2.19 support

>>>>> "Andreas" == Andreas Dilger <adilger turbolabs com> writes:

    Andreas> On Oct 04, 2001 19:18 +0200, Adrian Phillips wrote:
    >> Yes, but what concerned me was if there was some equivalent for
    >> 2.2 (foo.dev22 = bar). I was going to check the LVM CVS to see
    >> what changes had been done but was unable to login :-

    Andreas> It was just added recently (probably a devfs thing).
    Andreas> Before that, it just ran the "lvm_fs_setup()" (or
    Andreas> whatever) function, and didn't do anything with the
    Andreas> output.  Hmm, that means my suggestion may be broken.

    Andreas> Need something like:

    Andreas> #if LINUX_KERNEL_VERSION > KERNEL_VERSION (2, 3, 38)
    Andreas> foo.de = #endif lvm_fs_setup();

Great thanks for the help. I'll have a look at the weekend. It anyone
else with troubles wants to beat me to it, be my guest :-)


Adrian Phillips

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