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[linux-lvm] consistent lvcreate core dump (rc4 - 2.4.10)

I'm new to LVM so apologies if this is a FAQ.

I just installed LVM-1.0.1-rc4 on a 486-based linux box running 2.4.10. It only
has SCSI disks running via a 53c710 chip on the motherboard. It also has an
adaptec 1540B scsi card installed but that only hosts a scsi CDROM.

The LVM kernel patch, module build and install went without a hitch. I have 5
2GB scsi disk each divided into 2 x 1GB partitions. I set the 8e partion flag
and created the PVs without and problem. I then created a VG with 4 of the
partitions (sda1/2 and sdb1/2). This went OK.

Finally when I came to create an LV I got a seg fault. Using the -v flag I found
that it got up to the part where it was: "creating logical volume VGDA in
kernel". Then it crashed.

The LV create command was:

lvcreate -V -L 1000M -n backup vg1

Could anybody tell me if I am doing something wrong? - or how to track down the

The pvscan and vgscan utilties reported no problems and I tried
restarting LVM, inactivating, reactivating the GV and even deleting the whole
thing including the PVs and repeating the process - so it is completely
reproduceable in my situation.



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