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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM seems to be causing SCSI errors.

> IIRC you said, that your test LVs spanned physical drives.
> Another known problem is flaky SCSI subsystem behaviour when LVM causes
> more load in configurations like this.
> Can you trigger the problem, if you've got just one LV being allocated
> on one PV?

The problem is still there when the LVM is only on a single SCSI volume.
In fact, changing the volume from one drive to the other shows SCSI
errors on the new drive and the old drive used on a non LVM file system
stops having errors.

> What did the file system consistency check I mentioned in my other mail say?

When I ran an fsck on the file system with the errors (I did not re-do
this experiment recently) it found bad blocks on the files system, but
no inconsistencies on the file system itself.

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