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[linux-lvm] Removing a SCSI device

I want to remove an internal Zip drive (SCSI ID#2) to make way for a DVD 
drive. However, I have two SCSI drives set-up with LVM as follows and realise 
that removing the Zip drive will cause a number of problems. Here's my 
current configuration:

sda Hard disk 0 (boot) - ID#0
sdb Zip disk - ID#1
sdc Hard disk 1 - ID#2
cdrecorder - ID#6

/ (root) is /dev/sdc5 (reiserfs)
/boot is /dev/sda5 (ext2)
swap is /dev/sda6
Everything else is on the LVM spanning two physical volumes: one logical 

And here's what I plan to do:

1. Unplug the Zip drive and change SCSI ID of Hard disk 1 to ID#1
2. Boot system into single user mode: linux S root=/dev/sdb5
3. Remount root filesystem and /boot as read/write: 
mount -n -o remount, rw /
mount -n -o remount, rw /boot
4. Edit /etc/lilo.conf and change instances of "sdc " to "sdb"
5. Run mk_initrd followed by LILO:
mk_initrd && /sbin/lilo
6. Re-boot

What I am uncertain of is whether this approach will work with LVM. Can any 
one advise?

BTW, I'm using SuSE 7.2 Professional.


Martin Webster <mwebster ntlworld com>
Registered Linux User #230322

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