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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM seems to be causing SCSI errors.

> The only thing I can think is that the SCSI device is not being
> opened/initialised properly by LVM.  This certainly wasn't happening
> before ~July when I put the open/close_pv() functions in.  But should
> be working now.  Puzzled.  You really are using the new tools and not
> old binaries in strange places ?  I've been caught a couple of times
> by this ...

I'm pretty sure I'm using the correct binaries. Date/time stamps on the
only ones I find on my system agree with when I compiled the latest

I'm using the static links so the libraries should not be an issue
either. The only binaries I run on my tests are pvcreate, vgextend,
vgreduce, lvcreate, and lvremove. The patch of the kernel and kernel
recompile went without errors. LVM is compiled as a module, not in the
kernel itself.

Karl Hakimian

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