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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM kernel patch request

>>>>> "David" == David R Scott/Markham/IBM <dscott7 ca ibm com> writes:

    David> I am trying to install LVM-1.0.1-rc4 on a S/390 SuSe 7.0
    David> system with kernel 2.2.16.  Has anyone successfully managed
    David> to create a patch for kernel 2.2.16 ?  I have copied the
    David> fragments-2.2.18 to 2.2.16 and have made the
    David> lvm-1.0.1-rc4-2.2.16.patch file.  It will need some
    David> reworking to get the patch to apply correctly.  Has anyone
    David> else succeded in doing this, and have they shared the patch
    David> file ?

Upgrade to 2.2.19 (or 2.2.20pre?). There are a lot of important fixes
between 2.2.16 and the latest as far as I can recall and you'll make
your life easier by doing so.


Adrian Phillips

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