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Re: [linux-lvm] Tools compile problem, 1.0.1-rc4 on RH6.2 w/kernel 2.4.12

* Patrick Caulfield
> See what /usr/include looks like, it may be a symlink to somewhere else or it
> may contain symlinks to other files that cannot be resolved.

I _did_ check the two usual symlinks in /usr/include, 'linux' & 'asm',
which point to directories in the kernel-source tree.  they were ok.
what I forgot to check was whether /usr/include/malloc.h actually was
readable, and then I found out.  it wasn't possible to read the file
and it had incorrect values in a directory listing.  did check around
a bit for various clues, but couldn't find any, so I assume it's just
a filesystem error after a few unwanted shutdowns.  a reinstall of the
glibc-devel RPM fixed the problem, and the tools compiled successfully.

'make install' then ran successfully, and I could run vgcan and
vgchange without any problems.  am looking forward to checking out
LVM, thanks!


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