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RE: [linux-lvm] vgextend

Someone suggested a code mismatch, but I think differently.  If you
search Sistina's site for segmentation fault, you get a number of hits
about a GCC compiler error regarding optimizations.

I had this same problem, but was able to get around it by using the
source code modification solution someone posted to Sistina's bugzilla

Essentially, you add a printf(""); statement to approximately line 42 of
lv_create_remove.c which results in un-optimizable code, which results
in a usable binary.

Hope that's helpful.

-- Mitch

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I work for an ISP in India nad am currently trying to get LVM working
for us..I use a 2.4.0 kernel.and LVM 1.0.
I have not applied any patches except the one for ext2online.all
commands work fine like pvcreate ,lvextend etc...

but when i do a vgextend when trying to add a physical volume to my
volume group,I get a segementation fault error.
i use the command 

vgextend vg1 /dev/hdb2

i had changed the partition id of /dev/hdb2 to 8e.
then i did a pvcreate /dev/hdb2.even that worked fine.
but when i try to add this pv to my volume group vg1 I get a
segmentation fault error.has anyone come across this error.would be
great to hear from anyone of u

thanx and regards
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