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[linux-lvm] kernel 2.4.x-ac private gendisk_head

Hi all,

In reference to:


I've successfully compiled a kernel, Linux pov 2.4.12-ac3 #10 SMP,
with LVM 1.0.1-rc4 (or CVS [are they the same at the moment?]) and
made the changes to lvm.c and lvm-snap.c outlined in the messages

I am *just about* to create some volumes and test the whole setup
(first with ext2, then ext3).

It is to my understanding, that the modifications to support the
private gendisk_head means that the add_gendisk and del_gendisk
functions are [now] being used from ./drivers/block/genhd.c. Is this
correct? Is everything going to be happy and safe? ;-)

You can find the modified files here:


Benjamin Lee
Melbourne, Australia             "Always real."    http://realthought.net/

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