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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM-1.0.1-rc4 and kernel-2.2.19 patch

>>>>> "Philippe" == Philippe Lefevre <ph l libertysurf fr> writes:

    Philippe>  Hello all, I had to update my current kernel (2.2.17)
    Philippe> to 2.2.19 with ext3 but I totaly forget to check if a
    Philippe> patch were created for it to support LVM-1.0.1-rc4
    Philippe> (which runs fine for me with K2.4.10, thank you LVM team
    Philippe> !!)
    Philippe>  I was able to build one using the rawio patch designed
    Philippe> to 2.2.18 and easily fixing two small problems (two
    Philippe> hunks were failed) but I'm tiedous to apply it like
    Philippe> this.
2.2.18 would work fine but there was a problem with a change in rc4 -
check the archive; this is fixed in CVS but I haven't had any success
in connecting to CVS yet so I haven't so what was required to fix it
and nobody else seems to have had time yet either. My hope is that
there will be a rc5 soon with this fix in.


Adrian Phillips

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