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[linux-lvm] VFS-Patch::linux-2.4.12-ac6 with 2.4.11 VFS-Lock Patch

Hi Chris,

Nope I am not building it over a SMP machine. I had
tried 2.4.12 with 2.4.11-VFS-Lock Patch and everything
was fine.

Today I had to re-install linux on my machine, then
again I tried with 2.4.12-ac5 and 2.4.12-ac6, but 
after the first lvcreate operation, and other access
to LVM through any command or the mounted volume hangs
the system, and I have to manually reboot it, after
which my FS is totally corrupted.

So again, I re-installed Linux on my machine, and
built 2.4.12. This time everything worked fine.

I had reinstalled Linux fresh on my machine. Compiled
everything using gcc-3.0.1. LVM code was from CVS. The
only difference was that with 2.4.12 I did not have to
do anything. And that with ac5 or ac6, I had to
manually convert the free_kiovec and alloc_kiovec
to free_kiovec_sz and alloc_kiovec_sz with an extra
int pointer( in lvm-snap.c ). This was the only
difference I had to do during the two kernel

I am not sure about the spinlock debugging thing. Do I
try building again with it turned ON , even if I am
not using a SMP configuration ?


>>Is this an SMP machine?  What happens when you turn 
>>on the spinlock debugging (under the kernel 
>>debugging section in make menuconfig).

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