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Re: [linux-lvm] lvm-1.0.1-rc4 and 2.4.13

* Patrick Caulfield <caulfield sistina com> [011029 09:44]:
> It just isn't :-( we've submitted (most of) it to Alan Cox and his kernel is
> *much* more up-to-date than Linus'. I don't know just why the patches haven't
> been accepted by Linus. He is apparently happy to completely replace the VM but
> won't fix some fairly serious bugs elsewhere...bizarre.

I would like to run an ac-Kernel, but I could get it patched with xfs
(xfs doesn´t support ac-kernels).

> > 2. Should I write a bug-report to the xfs-guys? If yes, can I include
> > your Email, Patrick?
> I wouldn't like to claim it's an XFS bug as I haven't had a close look at their
> patches. I do know that they include some LVM patches in their distribution so
> it's certainly worth asking them nicely to upgrade them I suppose.
> Feel free to quote my email..I don't think I wrote anything actionable :-)
I will do this.


'The box said, 'Requires Windows 95 or better', so i installed Linux - TKK 5

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