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[linux-lvm] Problem with kernel-2.4.13 and 2.4.11-VFS-lock.patch

I built 2.4.13 with the 2.4.11-VFS-lock.patch in the
CVS. Compilation didn't give any problem as I was
getting with 2.4.12-ac6. 

I was able to create a snapshot of a mounted LV and
mount the snapshot. After this operation the I/O on
the mounted LV came out with Segmentation Fault. Few
months back I had reported the Segmentation fault with
the I/O. That time I was getting Kernel Panic. But
that time I think I had not applied the VFS Patch.
Today I didn't get that kernel panic, just a
Segmentation Fault.

After this segmentation fault, without rebooting my
system, I went ahead and started another I/O. While
this I/O was going on, I created a Snapshot. But when
I tried to mount it, it gave "Permission Denied".

Also when I tried to unmount the LV, it came off with
"File System or Volume in Use".....though It wasn't in

Is it that I may have done something wrong, or the VFS
lock patch has to be updated for 2.4.13.

I am using Reiserfs File System. And everything works
fine with 2.4.12. I am having problems with the later
linux kernel only.


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