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Re: [linux-lvm] read_intr errors

On Fri, Oct 26, 2001 at 02:15:41PM -0700, Erick Calder wrote:
> > What it's warning you about is reducing the size of the LV without first
> changing
> > the size of the filesystem that is using it.
> aha... maybe I could encourage the man page's maintainer to make that point
> a little clearer?

I've added some extra words to the lvreduce man page to help clarify matters,
and make it a little less scary!

> > If you are using an ext2 filesystem then you can use the e2fsadm command:
> >
> > # e2fsadm -l -1 /dev/LVM/mp3z
> I performed the above command expecting I would have to do an lvreduce later
> but it <gasp> did it for me...  I haven't done a compare against backups to
> make sure I didn't lose data ok but I still have the problem... here's the
> output (but read beyond):

It'll be fine. e2dsadm does the filesystem AND LV changes in the right order.

> by the time this code is run I've already un-mounted /var/LVM/mp3z and done
> a "vgchange -a n"... so in retrospect I can say that the only thing that has
> changed (I wasn't having these errors before installing LVM) is that I did a
> "pvcreate /dev/hdc"...
> is the info above of any use and is there anything else I can try?

Don't reboot?

I'm out of ideas now, I'll have think....


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