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Re: [linux-lvm] My VG is gone...

Hi could you post one more time the
output from pvdata -U -V -PP and vgdisplay -d

maybe inline and not as attachments because my Mozilla treats the attachment as plain text the same is with konqueror
i see only smth of the kind :

Rasmus Wiman

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Rasmus Wiman wrote:

Joe Thornber <thornber btconnect com> skrev:

This evening I added a 36 GB drive to our department server. I did a
vgextend on it and somehow it all went terribly wrong. It seems to me


the new drive got added twice, but with different UUIDs. Of course


is no way vgchange will bring it online. Is there a solution to the
problem? I downloaded LDE from <http://lde.sourceforge.net/> to have a
look at it, but I don't know what to alter. I run Slackware 8 with


2.4.8 and LVM-1.0. The attached files contain output from pvdata -U -V


on all three partitions.

You're right sdb1 appears to have been added twice with seperate
UUID's.  I'm at a loss to explain this at the moment.  Did you run
pvcreate more than once on sdb1 ? (I want to know where that extra
uuid came from).

Well here's the full story: I added the new disk, made a new LVM partition, ran pvcreate on it. Did a vgextend vg1 /dev/sdb1. Rebooted. No vg:s found, Panic: root not found. Spent a bunch of hours hackaing a Slackware 8 boot floppy with LVM 1.0 support. It found the vg. Next idea: Maybe it's because of devfs. I hacked the disk a bit further yo use devfs, and now it didn't find the VG:s. I started looking for any LVM list archive, found something about small initrd:s so I put an 8 MB initrd image on the root floppy, and wow, the VG was there. Tried to put a larger initrd on the boot partition and re-ran lilo. Rebooted, no success. Later I realised that a initrd_size=8912k might have done the trick. Booted from the floppy again and did a vgreduce vg1 /dev/sdb1. Now it would boot. Here I should really have backed up everything to a non LVM partition, but instead I did a vgextend vg1 sdb1. Re-ran lvmcreate_initrd, re-ran lilo and rebooted. That's where I am now. Two SDB1:s with separate UUID's. Can this be fixed or should I format and reinstall? It would really feel bad because I've never had to format and reinstall a Linux system except for the occasional hardware failure.

--------------------- Rasmus Wiman SAMI Labs

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