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Re: [linux-lvm] Foreign HD with LVM-Partition, how to read Data?

no you dont
you have to run vgscan

it will tell you what have it found and it should find the VG on the other disk
if vgscan does not tell you that the VG is activate you should run
vgchange -ay [and the name of the VG]

and then you go to /proc/lvm/ and take a look at a file called i think general
you can do ls and in case it's general
cat general
will give you information of all the VG's and LV's found on your PC

and you simply mount /dev/ [the name of the VG] / [ the name of the LV] / [your mount point]

this should be all

Alexander Bruns wrote:


Hi i could't completly understand you

is that true:

you have instaled Redhat on a working sepatarate drive
and you hace added a drive from a crashed system
if this is the case i hope you can run

no it is a newly installed system which never was intended to use lvm. i only compiled lvm etc to get hopefully read the data of the harddriver from the completely different system.

I never activated andy volume groups or defined something with lvm.

do i have to define a volumegroup with this harddrive with the same
name from the old system?


Alexander Bruns

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