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Re: [linux-lvm] SoftRaid and LVM

Hei why does nobody try to help me

[linux-lvm] PBs with LVM over software RAID ( and XFS ? ext2 reiserfs?) <http://lists.sistina.com/pipermail/linux-lvm/2001-September/008611.html>

i've done pretty much trys and almost nobody seems to wont to help me
am i invisable


Ray Miller wrote:

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 04:35:40PM +0200, Jean-Eric Cuendet wrote:

It seems that you use a fresh 2.4.9 kernel. In kernel 2.4.9, the version
of LVM is 0.9.0-beta2, which is what you get with dmesg or cat /proc/lvm
Then you installed tools from 1.0.1rc2. You must upgrade your kernel
with LVM 1.0.1rc2 if you want all that to be consistent (or use beta2
tools, which is not the good way IMHO).

Recompile 2.4.9 with LVM-1.0.1rc2 and you'll be OK.

I applied the 1.0.1-rc2 patch to a clean 2.4.9 kernel tree and was able to create a logical volume on top of s/w RAID 1 without any trouble. However, a bonnie++ run on an ext2 (or ext3) filesystem on the logical volume caused the system to lock up, with kswapd going uninterruptible. I suspect a VM (rather than LVM) problem, as a similar lock-up occurred on another system with 2.4.8 kernel and no LVM. We've reverted to kernel 2.4.7 on both systems and had no problems since.

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