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RE: [linux-lvm] SoftRaid and LVM

I don't understand what you mean!
Your request is offtopic. You ask for help on a thread not related to
But on the thread there :
> you already got help from many!

What do you mean and want exactly???

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> Hei why does nobody try to help me
> [linux-lvm] PBs with LVM over software RAID ( and XFS ? ext2 
> reiserfs?) 
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i've done pretty much trys and almost nobody seems to wont to help me am
i invisable


Ray Miller wrote:

>On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 04:35:40PM +0200, Jean-Eric Cuendet wrote:
>>It seems that you use a fresh 2.4.9 kernel. In kernel 2.4.9, the 
>>version of LVM is 0.9.0-beta2, which is what you get with dmesg or cat

>>/proc/lvm Then you installed tools from 1.0.1rc2. You must upgrade 
>>your kernel with LVM 1.0.1rc2 if you want all that to be consistent 
>>(or use beta2 tools, which is not the good way IMHO).
>>Recompile 2.4.9 with LVM-1.0.1rc2 and you'll be OK.
>I applied the 1.0.1-rc2 patch to a clean 2.4.9 kernel tree and was able

>to create a logical volume on top of s/w RAID 1 without any trouble. 
>However, a bonnie++ run on an ext2 (or ext3) filesystem on the logical 
>volume caused the system to lock up, with kswapd going uninterruptible.

>I suspect a VM (rather than LVM) problem, as a similar lock-up occurred

>on another system with 2.4.8 kernel and no LVM. We've reverted to 
>kernel 2.4.7 on both systems and had no problems since.

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