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Re: what i need is a little attention-RE [linux-lvm] SoftRaid and LVM Jean-Eric Cuendet

well the problem currently is that i can not format the LV with ext2 or reiserfs
in the beginning i could access the LV only with IBM's JFS and i had troubles mounting it with XFS
but i've upgraded to 2.4.10-pre2-xfs-cvs and now i have no problem with XFS
but i still have the problem with ext2 and reiserfs which i think is not normal
and i'm wondering whether it's safe to use the LV

i used e2fsprogs-1.23 and 1.24 and reiserfs progs  3.x.0j
but when i try to format the LV mke2fs and mkreiserfs segfaults

and i can format normal partitions and software raid with mke2fs and mkreiserfs

the VG :

/dev/md6  software linear RAID
/dev/md7 software linear RAID

the LV's are striped over the 3 PV's

Luca Berra wrote:

On Tue, Sep 04, 2001 at 07:08:10PM +0200, svetljo wrote:

if smbd take a look at all meseages with sender svetljo and with subject releated to PB's with LVM on software RAID
i think he'll get the idea what is all about

OK i am using lvm over softraid
can you please do a recap.


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