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Re: [linux-lvm] LV size maximum

this is a part of the german lvm HOW-TO

Q: Why can i not have a Logical volume biger than 256Gb ?

A: This is NO absolute limit but it depends on the physical extent size you configured at volume group creation time. Please use option -s of the vgcreate command to give a larger physical extent size. For example with a physical extent size of 524288 KB (512 MB) you are able to map a logical volume of 32 Terabyte. Remember that current Linux kernels are limited to 1 Terabyte.

Jan-Benedict Glaw wrote:


I'm to build some storage pool for an in-company network. It
will exceed 1TB in some time, so I'd like to get some proper
information on this *before* I get into trouble:-) So, my
final question is: How big may an LV be?

The FAQ tells me (in Q9) something of 2TB, but lvextend INFOs
me of a maximum of 1TB. Where's the real limit? My understanding
is that limitation is coming from kernel to handle all data
in chunks of 512Bytes. Is the maximum number of 512Byte blocks
per device to be increased in some time?


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