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Re: [linux-lvm] PBs with LVM over software RAID ( and XFS ? ext2 reiserfs?)

i can not understand one thing

Andreas Dilger wrote:

If you had one that previously worked, then start with that one and
work forwards until it stops working (maybe dividing the kernel version
numbers in half for each try to narrow it down quicker).

i maked the VG and the LV's under 2.4.9-xfs lvm-1.0.1rc1
but i had the XFS- mount problem with it and JFS had no problems
and i upgraded to 2.4.10-pre2-xfs lvm-1.0.1rc2 and had no problems with JFS and XFS
i tried with 2.4.9-ac5 lvm-1.0 and vanila 2.4.9 lvm-1.0.1rc1
with all these kernels it seemd that the LVM is working but i couldn't format the LV with reiserfs and ext2
mke2fs and mkreiserfs simply segfaults without errors

If you have never had this working properly, try some early kernel like
2.4.5 and see if it works.  If not then I suspect you have a RAM problem,
and you may want to swap/remove SIMM/DIMMs to see if you can isolate it.

i can not understand why do you think that i could have RAM problems
if i had RAM problems why would XFS and JFS working without problem and
mke2fs and mkreiserfs segfaulting

There is a whole document in linux/Documentation/, like Oops-tracing.txt, BUG-HUNTING, etc.

i'll take a look at it

Nobody HAS to help you with this problem (and it seems the Sistina folks are quiet on this issue) because you are not paying them anything. That is one of the good/bad features of Linux - you can _usually_ get free support for a problem, but you may have to do it yourself too.

Cheers, Andreas

i know that and i really appreciate that you are trying to help me

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