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Re: [linux-lvm] "anchoring" the logical volumes to physical volumes

Florin Iucha wrote:


I have two SCSI harddisks of 4.5 GB each and I want to install Linux on them
on top of LVM.

I want to put / /boot /var /home /usr/local on the first disk and /usr on the
second one.At the same time I want to have all partitions (except /boot) on LVM so I can extend/snapshot them.

I can take the obvious route of creating a PV on each of the harddisks and putting them in the same VG and then splitting the VG into LV. But I want
to make sure /usr gets on the second disk and all /usr and / get allocated
at the beginning of the PV.

I can simulate this by creating the first LVs than a LV that will fill up the
first PV then the LV for /usr... But this is ugly and I am not sure is
guaranteed to work.

Any "smart" solution to this problem? Any plans to implement such a feature
in lvcreate?

i think it's already implemented, there should be an option which tells lvcreate which PV's
to use for the LV you are creating . see the man page to lvcreate or lvcreate --help

Thank you, florin

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