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RE: [linux-lvm] ftp.sistina.com down?


I'm putting an RPM together... struggling with the changes between the 2.4.9
configuration file and the 10+ configuration files that come with RH's 2.4.7
.src... if you've built RPMs before help is welcome (we can take this
off-list), otherwise I'll let you know when I've managed to put it
together... I too have production boxes I don't want to build the tarball

- erick

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On Wed, 5 Sep 2001, AJ Lewis wrote:

> It should be up again.  Thanks for letting us know.


> > also, are there any RPMS for 1.0.1?
> Nope.  Either grabbing the source tarball or talking to your distro is the
> best option at this point.  The source is not difficult to build and
> IMHO, so that's probably your best bet for now.

ok.. i've no technical problems with source, but from experience i
don't like installing from source onto production systems that use
package management - bad idea for long term maintainability of the

anyway.. thanks AJ!

> Regards,


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