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[linux-lvm] Feature : Merge two LV

Hello dear Sirs,

Iam using LVM for the first time right now and i am already very fond of
it. Fast to understand, it creates a nice feeling to work with larger disk
capacities. I was at a point i already filled the storage ready sized and
partiotioned with data. Half full i recognized a conceptional problem with
my structure of lv and the best way to solve it would have been to merge
two lv. Instead i had to empty one of the lv (by moving data to other
space) remove it and then extend another lv over the space of the old one.
It would have been easier (without moving the date manually) if some kind
of lvmerge would exist, which would merge the lv and thier fs
automatically. Maybe there is ia wayto do it, i simply don't know.
In that case i would be glad to know that way from you. (and be added to
you FAQ). If there is no such way i only wanted to "ask for a missing
feature" as mentioned in your FAQ :)

Despite of that. Great tool. Thank you!


Henk Birkholz / germany

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