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Re: [linux-lvm] Problems with vgreduce

On Thu, Sep 06, 2001 at 10:45:23PM +0200, Marcus Hast wrote:
> Hi all,
> After creating a LV I attempted to extend it with one old drive. This went
> rather well. Unfortunately as I attempted to grow the FS (XFS) it detected
> a bunch of read/write errors and was unable to complete. (If anyone has any
> hints about this I'd be grateful as well.)
> The problem is that I then tried to remove the PV from the VG by the usual
> steps. (Mentioned in older posts.)  However as I try to use vgremove it
> gives me the following error:
> 	vgreduce -- ERROR: can't reduce volume group "lvm1" by used physical
> volume "/dev/hde1"
> If I try to use pvmove to rectify this I instead get this error message:
> 	pvmove -- no logical volumes on empty source physical volume "/dev/hde1"
> If I run lvdisplay I see that under the "Distribution of logical volume..."
> /dev/hde1 is present with 1 in the "PE on PV" collumn. However there is no
> LE written to it according to the "Logical extents" table which follows.
> And according to vgdisplay the PV (/dev/hde1) is unused.
> I do have one other clean disk of the same size, unused, in the same VG.
> However my attempt to replace the error prone one with this clean disk have
> failed. (pvmove quits in the same way.)
> So it's a rather annoying situation. Does anyone have an idea of what to
> try?

Yep, I think so.

Your messy metadata contents seem to be caused by the io errors you metioned.

You should still have a valid metadata backup in /etc/lvmconf/ which contains
your configuration *before* you added hde1.
Please find it using

"for f in /etc/lvmconf/*conf; do vgcfgrestore -ll -f /etc/lvmconf/$f;done"

and restore it to all PVs which where in the VG before hde1 was added.

"vgscan;vgchange -ay" should give you a valid configuration back afterwards.

Please rememer to take backups of your data!

Heinz    -- The LVM Guy --

> There isn't anything relevant on the disk to be removed, but the other
> disks in the LV has, so I'd rather not risk corrupting them. (Or at least
> minimize the risk.)
> Thanks,
> Marcus Hast, Lund, Sweden, Earth.
> Living long and prosperous.
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