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Re: [linux-lvm] LVM

On Monday, 10 September 2001, at 04:37:07 -0700,
IT3 Stuart B. Tener, USNR-R wrote:

> List members:
> 	Hello to all, as I am somewhat new to the list. Perhaps one of you will recommend some basic reading to get me started, but I do have a few questions regarding LVM and my proposed deployment of it on my laptop.
> [...]
Your best starting point is the new LVM HOWTO at:

Linux LVM is considered stable, since it passed version 1.0 (now
1.0.1-rc2). It has been stable for some time before. Current Linux kernels
include an outdated LVM version (2.4.9 still includes LVM 0.9.1-beta2,
dated back in January or so).

What LVM provides is a means or managing your disk space in Linux: so
there is no way to create a Linux LV to hold a Windows or Solaris
installation. AFAIK, W2K has some sort of volume management in some of
their versions, and I'm sure Solaris has something on its own.


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