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RE: [linux-lvm] LVM

List members:

I downloaded the LVM How-To (30 AUG 2001, is this the latest version).

        Presuming I have 2.4.8 or 2.4.9 (don't remember off hand) installed, is there a patch file I can apply to bring it to a stable version? If so, where would I get this patch file for Mandrake 8.0 or kernel version 2.4.8/2.4.9?

I noticed that LVM can be installed into a partition, and thus does not need to control the non-Linux portion of the disk.

        In terms of Windows Volume Management, it does have it, but it has been specifically turned off in W2K/PRO for laptop users!

        Performing the upgrade:

Once I have patched the Mandrake 8.0 2.4.8 (I think) kernel to have the latest LVM updates, I am interested to take my NON-LVM disk and convert it to LVM. Let me explain a bit about my configuration so you can best guide me.

        I have two (exactly the same model) 32GB HDs in my Dell Laptop. I also have a 1394 40GB HD. Presume the 40GB HD (1394) and the 2nd 32GB HD are able to be used at will and have nothing important on them. The 1st 32GB HD, has a W2K and Linux partition on it. The Linux partition has a single (large 14GB) root partition (don't ask why, but it is this way due to some circumstance I needed for a client). I would like to make a bootable root partition (same size for the moment) on the 2nd disk, and then take the 2nd disk and put it into the 1st disk's position and test it by booting it up.
         I was planning on using the 1394 HD to make a backup copy of the 32GB HD ("dd if=/dev/hda of=/dev/sda bs=524288") before starting, and using the 2nd 32GB HD as a staging drive to move all the files and such, and test the boot up out. If it worked, I would then copy it back to the other 32GB HD.

        What recommendations do you offer as a migration plan for doing this?

Very Respectfully,

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Monday, September 10, 2001 5:14 AM

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On Monday, 10 September 2001, at 04:37:07 -0700,
IT3 Stuart B. Tener, USNR-R wrote:

> List members:
>       Hello to all, as I am somewhat new to the list. Perhaps one of you will recommend some basic reading to get me started, but I do have a few questions regarding LVM and my proposed deployment of it on my laptop.
> [...]
Your best starting point is the new LVM HOWTO at:

Linux LVM is considered stable, since it passed version 1.0 (now
1.0.1-rc2). It has been stable for some time before. Current Linux kernels
include an outdated LVM version (2.4.9 still includes LVM 0.9.1-beta2,
dated back in January or so).

What LVM provides is a means or managing your disk space in Linux: so
there is no way to create a Linux LV to hold a Windows or Solaris
installation. AFAIK, W2K has some sort of volume management in some of
their versions, and I'm sure Solaris has something on its own.


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